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At Outer Banks Board Rentals we offer top quality Surfboards, Skimboards, Bodyboards, Stand-Up Paddleboards, as well as Beach Umbrellas and Chairs.

Our customers’ satisfaction and pleasant experience is our top priority.

Our concept is simpleEnhance your beach vacation by providing you a positive beach equipment rental experience.

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  • High-quality beach rental equipment, and
  • An unparalleled rental service experience.

Our Boards...



The NSP E2 Funboard

Like the name suggests, the NSP E2 Funboard is designed to make surfing easy and FUN!  This board is both stable and responsive in a variety of surf conditions.

The NSP E2 Longboard

The NSP E2 Longboard is fun, stable and generally easier to ride.  Available in a variety of lengths for a variety of riding styles.

The NSP E2 Paddleboard

The NSP E2 Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) range has a board to suit all paddlers, from the first timer to the most experienced.

The Turbo V Freedom 6 Bodyboard

The Turbo V Freedom 6 bodyboard is the ideal board that will perform in all conditions.  Available in the 42” model which will accommodate most any rider in most any surf conditions.

The ZAP Wedge Skimboard

The ZAP Wedge is the perfect all-around skimboard!  Great for those just learning how to skim as well as for the more experienced rider bridging the gap from sand sliding to wave and trick riding.


Beach Umbrellas & Chairs

To further enhance your beach vacation experience, we offer Beach Umbrellas and Beach Chairs!


Surf Photography

We also provide Surf Photography Services to help you share and relive your board riding experience for years to come. We’ll meet you at your location and shoot your boarding session from the shoreline as well as in the water, capturing amazing close-up footage and images of your board riding fun!

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