The NSP E2 Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) is suitable for all paddlers, from the first timer to the most experienced.  Whether you’re after a board that will excel in the surf or provide ultimate glide and speed in flat water, the NSP SUP will serve to maximise your time and fun in the water.

The NSP 11’0″ – Ideal for flat water exploration and endurance paddling to surfing small waves.  Renowned for its glide and stability, this board will accommodate heavier paddlers, beginners, and those with a focus on fitness.  Great all-round cross-training board that can power up on flat water as well as riding small waves.  Accommodates all weights.  Rating: Surf, 2/5; Flat Water, 4/5

The NSP 11’6″ – This SUP is the ultimate expedition board for long haul missions on flat water, fitness training, or heavier paddlers wanting a stable board they can use as a multi-purpose vehicle.  This board is popular with SUP beginners and the more adventurous paddlers who like to stay high and dry as it is geared to maintain glide and flow once the board has forward momentum.  It only takes a few easy strokes to get the 11’6″ up and running, even for first time paddlers.  While primarily a flat water SUP, the 11’6″ can  be considered for heavier paddlers who want to take to the ocean and the surf.  The NSP 11’6″ E2 SUP has enough volume to accommodate any size and weight paddler, and it can even double as a family tandem board.  The stability of this NSP 11’6” gives overwhelming confidence to the rider, which translates to endless hours of fun on the water.  Accommodates all weights. Rating: Surf, 1/5; Flat Water, 5/5

Available at the Sea Ranch Resort, Milepost 7 in Kill Devil Hills.