($25/Day,  $85/ Week)


  • Rocket LaunchShort with lots of area up front for easy paddling, tapered outline in the back for added manoeuvrability. Tri fin set up provides plenty of control through turns. From the elite surfer through to the light-weight grom starting out, the Rocket Launch will keep you in the water for hours with its down-the-line speed and super tight turning response.

    Size: 4’6″
    Shape: Shortboard
    Core: 100% Waterproof X-Density EPS Foam Core
    Stringer:  5 (Fibreglass Rod Stringers)
    Fin Setup: Tri (x3 FCS Fin Setup)
    Fin System: FCS
    Volume: 35L


  • HandshapedSafe, soft and fun. Great beginner template and shape. Hand shaped with a generous outline and loads of volume. Stable and easy to ride for learners gaining confidence in riding waves and starting to performing basic turns.

    These board pack heaps of volume making it easy for learners to paddle into small waves, while providing a large stable platform so they can confidently jump to their feet.

    Size: 6’0″ & 7’6″
    Shape: Shortboard
    Core: 100% Waterproof EPS Foam Core
    Stringer: Double stringer
    Fin Setup: Tri (x3 VFS* Fin Setup)
    Fin System: VFS* (*ST Fin System in Europe.)
    Volume: 47L